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Why Batman V. Superman Doesn’t Break the DCEU


While many critics and some fans ( especially Marvel ) have criticized and flat out hated the start of the DCEU universe with Zach Snyder’s ‘Man of Steel’ and most recent ‘Batman V Superman‘. There are a few reasons as to why the future continues to look bright for the DCEU. . .


First ( obvious from the picture ) ‘Batman V Superman‘ has done extraordinarily well in the box office thus far beating out significant MCU ( Marvel Cinematic Universe ) records. According to, Batman V Superman earned over $82 million opening day and is on track to become the biggest financial opening for a DC movie all time. It even ranks fourth thus far, behind only the two Avengers movies and Iron Man 3.

While internationally it is doing just as well, earning over $137 million all over the globe. While ofcourse these numbers are just for “so far” it isn’t a bad start considering the extremely low scores and hate from many well-followed critic sources such as Rotten Tomatoes ( which also ranks Sharknado at shocking 82% )


While financial success is a must for any movie universe to continue it’s path to success ( DJ Khaled voice ) there are other positives about the film that bring light to the DCEU future.

Connections [Easter Eggs] : SPOILERS AHEAD


When you watch the movie for the first time like I did, you will notice there were many easter eggs ( no pun intended ) of future connections to super-villians and possible storylines that will happen in the DCEU future. The dream sequences for one, seem to hint at a possible ‘Injustice’ storyline where Superman goes crazy and turns Super-villian after Lois Lane is murdered.

As well as the Flash cameo ( the first one ) where he appears to time travel  and warn Bruce Wayne ( Ben Affleck ) of Superman saying “Lois she’s the key” . Also the desert dream sequence that appears to feature “henchmen” ( if that’s the right word )  of one of the most powerful DC super-villains all-time  Darkseid ( pictured below ).



Lex Luthor: While he seemed to be a different type of Lex than many are used to, it seems this origin’d Lex may turn into the Lex Luthor we all know as we saw him begin to at least change his appearance to the typical bald Lex we recognize most. Maybe he will appear in Suicide Squad and be more like the Lex we know best?


A Lex Luthor scene also mentions or at least hints at a Brainiac reference in the film as when Lex is on the Kryptonian ship he hears a system state ” you are now interfacing with the information of over 10,000 planets”

As the super-villian Brainiac’s most well known quote is one that states, ” I am the knowledge  and strength of 10,000 worlds” from the comic Superman Unbound


Also the cameos of the other future Justice League members will seem to warrant enough excitement for future films, and with a perfect job well done as Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot should have no problem bringing in excited audiences for 2017’s ‘Wonder Woman

Finally, the movie wasn’t that bad any way, even if you didn’t like it ( while many fans did ) most didn’t think it was nearly as bad as the critics made it out to be. . .

While personally I think some things could have been improved in the movie , I look forward to the future DCEU films and can’t wait to see what they have in store .

Which Justice League member are you most excited to see in future films?

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