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Daredevil Season 2 Mid-season Review *Mild Spoilers*


This post will contain mild spoilers such as character description and minor plot detail.


I almost made this post just a picture of Elektra. She has hands down made the show as Elodie Yung has done such a brilliant acting job portraying her character. She is not just sexy and complex but a perfect mix of a psycho killer in the middle. Her relationship to Daredevil is brilliant and grounded.

The first two episodes started slow but quickly escalated to greatness as more progressed with Jon Bernthal as The Punisher and whatever is really going on with his sub-plot. Daredevil’s character is becoming increasingly more complex not only with potential love interests (which is surprisingly entertaining), but also with his crew of people he kind of begins to “hang” with.

While it may start slow and be extremely dark ( literally ) , so far this show has me hooked and  wanting to take my time so I don’t have to wait in craving for season 3.

P.S. Why can’t it be like 25 episodes ?

P.S.S: Did I mention the amazingly brutal fight scenes?

So far 8.6/10. . .

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